By slice: Cheese ($2), Pepperoni ($2.5), Meat Lovers ($3)

Personal Flat bread Pizza

Make your own $10       Specialty $11

In addition, we also offer the Make Your Own Pizza option:
/Large   16 ” $12 + $2 for each topping max pizza price $18
Toppings: Mushroom, peppers, pepperoni, onion, meatball, bacon, ham, sausage, olive, hot peppers.

Pizza type Large, 16″
Mozzarella $12

Fresh Tomatoes and Basil
(white sauce, with olive oil & garlic)

(whit sauce, with ham & pineapple)
Fresh gulf shrimp $20

Meat Lovers (sausage, pepperoni,
bacon, meatball)

House Special (onion, mushroom,
peppers, olives, sausage,roni,
Veggie Special ( mushroom,
peppers, olives, tomatoes, garlic,
The Cherry Bomb
(sausage & hot peppers)
The Jimmy Special Clam Casino
(clams, roasted red peppers, bacon, white sauce
and olive oil)
Buffalo or barbeque ChickenSteak and Cheese peppers onions mushrooms $16$18